Here is a guide on how to begin using your preferred quantum environment without any set-up required.

Visit To Our QLab Portal: HERE

Step: 2
To start coding in your preferred quantum environment hassle-free, simply click on the gear icon ⚙️ located at the bottom right of the screen, select your favorite environment from the drop-down menu, and wait for the machine to restart. Once the restart is complete, you can begin coding without any issues.

(Note that it may take 3-5 minutes for the machine to configure your selected environment, so please be patient and avoid changing, editing or creating the environment variables. Doing so could result in a complete crash of your project environment.)

To use QuantumAI credentials and run a quantum job, simply run the two lines of code provided below in your QLab or local notebook.

For Qiskit:
from qoai_qiskit import *
provider = load_account()

For Xanadu:
from qoai_pennylane import *

Installing quantum libraries can be a messy process, But thanks to Deepnote, we now have powerful tools that allow us to run our quantum code in our desired environment seamlessly and without any issues.