Quantum NLP: PROJ- 00141

Quantum NLP : PROJ-00141 Quantum NLP for High-Level Sentence Classification Introduction: Quantum Natural Language Processing (Quantum NLP) has emerged as a pioneering field at the intersection of quantum computing and natural language processing. It harnesses the unique properties of quantum systems to enhance the capabilities of traditional NLP techniques. This project aims to explore the …

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Q-Simulator: PROJ- 00131

Q-Simulator: PROJ-00131 *Project Extended Project Description: Quantum simulators are a crucial tool for studying quantum systems in controlled conditions and optimizing quantum algorithms for practical use. They also offer insights into the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics, including entanglement and superposition. However, the quantum simulator we currently have uses a constant noise to mimic real …

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Protein Folding Using QC: PROJ- 00121

Submission Team A1 Team A2 Team A3 Team Members 1. Juan Francisco Rodriguez Hernandez ([email protected]) 2. Ishan Bangroo ([email protected]) 3. Kamal Bhangu ([email protected]) 4. eman yaqoob ([email protected]) 5. Soumik Samanta ([email protected]) SHOW PROJECT > Team Members 1. Sakibul Rayhan ([email protected]) SHOW PROJECT >   Team Members 1. Akshay Masetty ([email protected]) 2. Ayan Barui ([email protected]) 3. …

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